Hour Opportunities

***Opportunities August-December are for the 2011-2012 school year.  Other opportunities listed are for the 2010-2011 school year***
2010-2011 School Year
Friday, January 14th District Spelling Bee.  Coordinator Mrs. Shawna Hendrick.  Please see her if you have questions.  As of the weekly update 1/10/2011 ne driver was still needed to help transport students.  This will give 5 hours.  Please see Mrs. Shawna if you are interested.  It is filled on a first come first serve basis.
Tuesday, January 18th don't miss the 3rd Open House Meeting and the second to last meeting to fulfill your required meeting hours.  Be there are 6:30 and don't worry about signing in.  A sign in survey will be sent out via email.  Don't let the holiday fool you into forgetting about this important open house!!
Tuesday, February 8th In-House Debate --more info to come, announced at 1/18/11 Open House
Friday, February 18th Area Math Olympics--more info to come, announced at 1/18/11 Open House
Saturday, February 19th Debate Team Competition--more info to come, announced at 1/18/11 Open House
Friday, March 4th -- In House Science Fair.  Coordinator is Ms. Linda.  More deatails to come at 1/18/11 Open House.
Friday, March 11th -- Pastries with Parents.  Come enjoy breakfast with your child before school starts.  Opportunities will be helping out hour for hour and donations.  Donations will be worth 3 hours per family (not per donations.)
Saturday, March 12th--Secondary Drama Competition.  If hours are availabel they will be announces at the 1/18/11 Open House.
Thursday, March 24th -- Secondary Choir Competition.  If hours are availabel they will be announces at the 1/18/11 Open House.
There are currently not any scheduled activites in April
Monday, May 2nd-Friday, May 6th Teacher Appreciation Week.  This event has many opportunities to donate items.  Donations will be worth 3 hours per family (not donations) per day.  If there are donations needed (not gifts) each day you have the opportunity to get as many as 15 hours.  This changes from year to year as to what the coordinator decides to do each day.  More details will be revealed at the Open House Meeting 3/22/10.
Saturday, May 6th Senior High Spring Formal.  If help is needed for the Spring Formal the information will be announces at 3/22/10 meeting.
Friday, May 13th -- Track and Field Day is an opportunity to receive hours for helping and donating.  Donations will be worth 3 hours per family.  Volunteering will be worth 5 hours or hour for hour if exceeding 5.  Minimum you could earn is 5.  This is more than most events because it takes a lot of people to make it smooth and enjoyable for everyone!
2011-2012 School Year
**This is a rough draft.  The PTF Officers meet throughout the Summer to plan these events and organize the hour structure so these dates, hours, and events are subject to change up until PTF Pot Luck in August 2011.  Don't let that stop you from planning ahead!
Get a jump start on the school year and your required PTF meeting hours by attending the PTF Pot Luck.  Keep an eye on your email for the date to be announced.  Bring your favorite dish and be ready to fellowship!  We will cover any changes within the PTF and be the first to sign up for the different things going on throughout the school year.  Receive 2 meeting hours.
Martha Turner Scholarship is an important fundraising opportunity to help out the school and raise funds for scholarships to help out other parents during hardships.  Afterall, TBTA is a ministry and what better way to minister to those who need it most!!  Help out in this area by donating auction baskets, serving, cleaning, or just attending this fun time for fellowship!  Remember, participating with fundraising events is an easy way to get a lot of hours.  The most bang for your buck!!  Receive 5 hours per basket donated, 5 hours per family for helping to serve, clean, or attend.
Attend the Back to School Celebration, sorry, no hours associated with this since it is a required meeting for all parents.  It gives you the opportunity to meet you child(ren)'s teacher and become familiar with their learning environment.  This is also another opportunity to sign up for the different things going on throghout the school year and hear about changed within the PTF.
Spirit T-Shirts buy a spirit shirt for your student and get 1 hour per shirt per student.  Buy a spirit shirt for yourself or a family member receive 2 more hours per shirt.
Fall Walk-a-thon!  If you thought the 1st Annual TBTA Fall Walk-a-thon was a blast, just wait until the 2nd Annual Walk-a-thon!!  This is another opportunity to help raise funds for the school and another opportuniy to fellowship while spending a day focusing on healthy living.  Receive 10 hours for over $100 in sponsorships, 10 hours for helping with the event and 5 hours for each family that participates.  ***Bonus hours 5 addittional hours for the family who raises the most sponsorship and 5 addittional hours for the family who has the largest team participating in the walk.***
Salsa Fundraising.  The family that sells the most salsa gets 10 hours.  The class that sells the most salsa wins a pizza party.  The class that comes in second gets a dress down day.  Each family that sells over $100 in salsa receive 10 hours.  This is an easy way to get hours and one of the opportunities where you will get the most hours.  The salsa is yummy!!  We might even sell it throughout the year just because eveyone is hooked on it!
Christmas Store.  Donate to the Christmas Store or help out when the kids come to shop.  Donations no matter the dollar amount are worth 3 hours per family donations.  Helping out at the store is hour for hour.  So if you work the store for 5 hours, you will recieve 5 hours.